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Top 4 Effective Ways to Improve Ergonomics in the Office

A healthy and safe working environment is an enabling environment for workers to enhance productivity and stay healthy. It is the task of every organization irrespective of their business natures to create a sound ergonomic workplace for their employees. This will not only improve productivity, but also reduce cost expended on workers’ injuries, improve quality, improve employee engagement, and create a better safety culture in the workspace. Poor ergonomic practices are bad for business and can kill the system over time. Considering the dynamic and complex collection of today’s office setup, where new technologies are emerging every day to make the work easier in the office, organizing a modern office space can be challenging. The first step is to strive... Read More

Desktop Ergonomics to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace

Office work desks are usually equipped with varieties of work tools especially computer, keyboard, mouse, files, printer, stamping machine, file tray, and much. The use of computers or laptops has significantly increased in this digital world. Every task has been simplified in the offices through the use of computers. However, everything that advantage must also have its disadvantage. Employees are prone to a number of injuries associated with the use of computers or other pieces of office equipment used on work desks. Many people do spend prolonged hours daily sitting with their desktops without weighing its effects on their body. Many workers are in the habits of stressing their bodies physically without bothering to stretch some vital body parts such... Read More

What is the best way to make use of my new stand up desk?

So you’ve just purchased your new stand up desk or desk riser. Still have questions about how to get the most out of our products? You’re in luck! Check out this quick guide to ensure your desk or desk riser is working to maximize your health and productivity. What is the best way to make use of my new stand up desk? When starting a new healthy habit, sometimes there is a little mental resistance. Don’t be discouraged, you’ll be surprised how quickly a new work style can grow. Especially when you start feeling the benefits! How long should I staying sitting or standing at my desk? A good rule of thumb is to spread at least two hours of... Read More

Ergotron Introduces the WorkFit-DL, an Update to Its Popular Sit-Stand Desk

Given the increased demand for flexible workstations, Ergotron, Inc., the global leader in the sit–stand workplace revolution, has enhanced its popular WorkFit–D standalone desk to better meet the needs of its users. The updated WorkFit–DL Sit–Stand Desk features two new worksurface sizes and enhanced design features for a sleeker, more refined finish for the modern office. Recent research from Ergotron revealed that a majority of office workers are looking for more flexible workstations, with 84 percent of full–time employees indicating they would prefer to sit and stand at will while at work. The WorkFit–DL Sit–Stand Desk meets the needs of these employees who are looking to integrate healthy behavior and more movement throughout their day. Originally launched in 2011, the third–generation... Read More



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